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Creating and sharing value

Création et partage de valeur

Sustainable value creation alongside regions and communities

TotalEnergies’ success at building and expanding partnerships worldwide can also be attributed to its strategy of generating value at the local level as part of its growth model. That commitment – carried out systematically and professionally – is a major competitive asset. Whether they target continued growth in LNG or renewable power generation, the Company's partnerships with governments and local communities serve a critical function.

The Company maintains a comprehensive, integrated policy, rooted in dialogue with communities and public and private stakeholders, for supporting local growth and in-country value. It forges synergies among the various sources of value generation for host countries (employment, subcontracting, infrastructure, support for local industry, socioeconomic development projects, education, energy access, etc.) by capitalizing on the Company's industrial expertise. The Company intends to maintain this approach over the long term to ensure that its presence in these regions and the major projects it develops create shared prosperity.