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Global Compact

Centrale solaire


The United Nations created the Global Compact in 2000 following a call by its Secretary-General urging businesses to play an active role in the globalization process.

It is grounded on a universal and voluntary framework of Ten Principles: related to human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Our commitment

The Group upholds the Global Compact since 2002. It reiterates each year its commitment to the Global Compact’s Ten Principles. This commitment is explicitly stated in the Group’s Code of conduct.

TotalEnergies' yearly Communication on Progress, which details the actions implemented by the Group to address the UNGC’s four main themes, is made at the GC-Advanced level since 2012.

The company is a member of the Global Compact France, and the teams actively contribute to the Human rights Club and the GC Advanced Club of the French network.

In 2018, and based on the new criteria set by the Global Compact, TotalEnergies was among the companies recognised as LEAD for its sustainability practices. TotalEnergies’ LEAD status was confirmed in 2019 and 2020.


Furthermore, TotalEnergies participates within the Global Compact framework to theme-based action platforms:

  • Decent work on supply chains platform.
  • Sustainable Oceans business platform.

The Ten Principles